We begin our design process when a client approaches us with his dreams & requirements. From the beginning itself consistent interaction is maintained with the clients for inspirations. These concept sketches are then transformed to technical and detailed drawings by our skilled team. Each design is done in a unique manner to reflect the heart and soul of the client combining the building technologies, culture and skills. From appointment to completion a stable and personalised services are provided. Each phase of design undergoes constant reviews from the design team which ensures more positive and creative results. The whole team is supported by various out house disciplines and consultancies. The practise is lead by the partners.

To ensure steady support and backing from start to completion, each project is handled by a team, with client having a one point access. The team supports clients in all selection ranging from a hinge to a location to built up your dreams, be it a home or office. AETAS Designs promises to help the client accomplish their dreams in the most professional way.


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